The company

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

About the company


Facilitate routine operations and drive growth.
This is why we work together with you on the success and advancement of your business project.


Projects focused on the human aspect.
We advocate solutions that place people first.
In a world where technology is ubiquitous, we have a vision in which people play a central role.
We use technology to eliminate repetitive tasks and automate those processes that can be automated. This allows us to focus on what we do best: making contact with others.

The founders

Olivier Dubois

President and Director of Business Development

Olivier Dubois discovered his entrepreneurial spirit while studying theatre. The opportunities never stop coming! Competitions and television programs introduced him to the innate joy of connecting with other people. He was also invited to take part in the first Jean Leloup show with a group of three close friends.

In conjunction with all this, in 2012, Olivier and his brother founded Klic Infosolutions, a company active in the web, brand image and marketing sectors.

His entrepreneurial bent plays out as well in various boards of directors on which he sits. He is also presiding the latest Gala Grand Richelois, sharing the stage with Patrice Bélanger.

In 2017, his company won the jury’s choice award at the Gala Constellation.

In 2018, as several international partnerships were being forged, he coordinated the transition from Klic Infosolutions to Dubois International, the consolidation of a business venture he has always held dear.

In his daily work, he takes great joy and encouragement in discussions with each person who crosses his path.

Lucien Dubois

Vice President and Director of Technological Development

Lucien Dubois cofounded Klic Infosolutions while studying psychology. The company, which operates in the web, brand image and marketing sectors, quickly landed major commissions.

Innovation forms part of his daily work. One of the initiatives he directs is Vers Le Ciel, a project to send balloons up to space to capture unprecedented photos at an altitude of more than 30 km.

Sharing knowledge is another of his passions. He regularly gives lectures and workshops, both at annual events and in one-off settings.

Each day, he applies his enthusiasm to carrying out the projects of everyone he encounters.

How we do


Analyse the project, timeline and intended targets.


Plan the timeline and technical resources.


Design the right solution given the constraints.


Implement the solution in the business context.


Review and test performance and functions.