Business sectors

We have developed expertise in these fields.



We facilitate and simply management of routine tasks using simple, intuitive tools that eliminate superfluous tasks to leave more room for the human factor.


We facilitate communication between your organization and your partners/customers. Spend more time on the strategic aspect and automate the tactical and technical components.



Continuous IT infrastructure modernization in cooperation with officials of educational institutions.

Management tools for executives, with a focus on human resources management

The field of ideas

We encourage the dissemination of knowledge by designing tools and applications for this purpose. If you have an idea in mind, our team is here to guide you.

Real estate

Time factor

Automate the suitable management components, so you can spend more time on the strategic and tactical aspects of your operations and grow your business.

Financial factor

Reach new markets and attract future buyers. Let our team guide you through implementing and carrying out a communications strategy.



We advocate the use of technology to simplify communication between various players in the field.

Time factor

Everyone’s time is precious. Modern tools can reduce the time spent planning and coordinating, to keep the human factor front and centre.